Health Activist Focus: Mental Health Month 2010

Join Health Activists Amy Kiel and Cindy Nelson in this webinar discussing ways to celebrate, honor, and engage in Mental Health Month. View Transcript

Tools Video Stars

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Health Activist How To: Video

Featuring: Amanda Dolan Colin DeMatteis

Learn how to create videos for your health community with these tips!

Using Google+ As a Health Activist - Part 1 Circles

Featuring: Amanda Dolan

Learn how the Circles feature in Google+ will help you organize your account and help you communicate with community members and contacts in this new social media platform.

How Tech is Making Us More Efficient Health Activists

Author: Amanda Dolan


Learn how the self-tracking trend will actually help us all be better health leaders. read more

The Benefits of Using Google+ As a Health Activist

Author: Amanda Dolan


Check out these reasons Health Activists could benefit from using Google+ and ways you can get started on this new social platform and use it for your health community. read more

Connecting Online & Offline Activism

Featuring: Alicia Staley

Join Alicia as she shares her own Health Activist journey and offers tips for connecting with others through social media and how you can bring your efforts offline.

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