How Do You Stay Positive with MS?

What’s the prescription for staying positive with MS? Laughter, of course. Listen to Christie and Mel share a few of their hilarious stories. View Transcript

Multiple Sclerosis Video Stars

Multiple Sclerosis: info to Share

M.S. Assistive Devices: Fighting Self Consciousness

Featuring: Marc Stecker Amy Gurowitz

It might be tough to come to grips with needing the help of an assistive device. M.S. Activists share their experiences of dealing with the self consciousness.

MS Information: In Real Life and Online

Author: Lisa Emrich


What should you tell a friend who has just been diagnosed with MS, and is there any good MS information online? read more

M.S. Assistive Devices: Deciding on a Device

Featuring: Marc Stecker Lisa Emrich Amy Gurowitz

Multiple Sclerosis Activists share experiences on the different assistive devices they have used to help them get through daily activities.

Situation Normal, All Fracked Up.

Author: Marc Stecker


Since there is no sure way to test for MS, sometimes a diagnosis can be a quite difficult process. Marc explains his year-long saga in this post. read more


Author: Amy Gurowitz


Amy describes in detail a year in the life of an MS patient, both the improvements she has made and the struggles she faced. read more

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