Breast Cancer: Hair Loss During Chemotherapy

Health Activists share their hair loss stories and how they coped with the changes in appearance while also concentrating on their health. View Transcript

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Breast Cancer: info to Share

What's your cancer age?

Author: Alicia Staley


Have you seen the Real Age calculators? Basically, it seems that we can calculate our real age by factoring in things like smoking, diet, exercise and medical history. read more

Is mastectomy a mutilation?

Featuring: Alicia Staley Casey Quinlan Jamie Inman

Discussion of the recent Wired Magazine article about mastectomy that uses the word "mutilation." Is that offensive?

Jamie's Story

Author: Jamie Inman


In December, 2005, Ductal Carcinoma In Situ was found in my left breast. Although surprised because 13 years had elapsed since my first cancer (well beyond "cured"), my strongest emotion was annoyance. read more

Are you a cancer "victim?"

Featuring: Alicia Staley Jamie Inman Casey Quinlan

Why do people refer to people with breast cancer, or any cancer really, as "victim." Is that appropriate? Does it send the right message? Is there a better word?

Finding Myself the Hard Way

Author: Jamie Inman


Learning to appreciate yourself again post-mastectomy can be a difficult process. Jamie describes her trials and offers advice to other Breast Cancer patients. read more

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