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Featuring: Naomi Creek Amy Gurowitz Marc Stecker Kerri Morrone Sparling Rachel Baumgartel Jodi Seidler Lisa Copen Jamie Inman Jenna Visscher Alicia Staley Joanna Isbill Katherine Stone Amy Kiel is a place for Health Activists to connect with their communities through video to help create a more empowered, healthier audience.

Diabetes: Fact vs. Fiction

Featuring: Kerri Morrone Sparling Ronnie Gregory Scott Johnson

Sometimes the most difficult part of living with diabetes is dealing with the many misconceptions about the condition.

Staying Active With Joint Pain

Featuring: Jodi Seidler Lisa Copen Katie Vanderkooi Caroline Hall

Joint Pain and Replacement Activists go over some of the best ways they know how to cope with joint pain and still stay active to increase strength around painful joints.

M.S. Assistive Devices: Fighting Self Consciousness

Featuring: Marc Stecker Amy Gurowitz

It might be tough to come to grips with needing the help of an assistive device. M.S. Activists share their experiences of dealing with the self consciousness.

Are you a cancer "victim?"

Featuring: Alicia Staley Jamie Inman Casey Quinlan

Why do people refer to people with breast cancer, or any cancer really, as "victim." Is that appropriate? Does it send the right message? Is there a better word?