Mental Health

Mental Health

Health Activists share their stories and experiences dealing with Mental Health.

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Postpartum Depression - The Fight Isn't Always Pretty

Author: Katherine Stone


With postpartum depression, you're not going to win the battle every day. Katherine realized this and ultimately it helped her beat the condition. read more

Treating Your Mind Like Your Body

Featuring: Amy Kiel Jamie Inman

People normally wouldn't hesitate to seek help for a broken arm or an infection, but when it comes to Mental Health issues, there is a stigma to seeking treatment.

Journalistic Justice - How the New York Times Covers Mental Illness


One of the world's biggest and most influential newspapers is doing a lot to combat the stigmas of Mental Illness. read more

Mental Health: Is Therapy a Crutch?

Featuring: Katherine Stone Amy Kiel Jamie Inman

Different people view psychotherapy differently. Some rely on it to get them through certain situations and others look at it as a crutch.

10 Things to do if You're Stuck in a Rut


Depression can be a hard thing to recover from, especially if nothing you try seems to work. Therese has been there, and she has some advice. read more

Health Activist Focus: Mental Health Month 2010

Featuring: Amy Kiel Cindy Nelson Susan Mees

Join Health Activists Amy Kiel and Cindy Nelson in this webinar discussing ways to celebrate, honor, and engage in Mental Health Month.