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Happy (?) Fibromyalgia Awareness Day! Here's something outrageous...

Author: Jenni Prokopy


Jenni explains the importance of raising awareness for Fibromyalgia and combating misconceptions of the disease just in time for Fibromayalgia Awareness Day. read more

I am a Spoonie! The Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino

Author: Christine Miserandino


A slide show movie of my life with lupus, how the spoon theory started, and how this HUGE internet community has been formed around the world to give support, encouragement and information read more

Coming out of the Closet

Author: Aviva Brandt


Even for Aviva, who regularly blogs, revealing her condition in everyday life can be surprisingly hard read more

Tips & Tools for Having a Sleep Study

Author: Felicia


Many people with fibromyalgia have a sleep study done to make sure there are not any other conditions, like sleep apnea or Restless Legs Syndrome, worsening their sleep. read more